Post lunch short nap is Good or Bad

Post lunch short nap is Good or Bad

Take a short afternoon nap post-lunch.

The nap can solve existing problems and prevent those of the future.
It is one of the most critical but overlooked aspects of wellbeing.

In fact, it is probably also the most misunderstood aspect. People associate it with lethargy, obesity and fear that it may lead to no sleep in the night but nothing could be further away from the truth.

Every religion, culture, and even the wisdom of yoga endorses a short afternoon nap.

If the Bhagavad Gita says that one who doesn’t eat or sleep in moderation cannot achieve yoga.
Then the Islamic culture says that only devils don’t nap.

Ronaldo, amongst the greatest athletes of our times, attributes his performances to the afternoon nap.

Why short nap is important?

• Improved heart health, especially good for people with high BP or those who have already done procedures on their heart

Benefits of Post lunch short nap

• Improved hormonal balance (Diabetes, PCOD, Thyroid, also classical overeaters)

• Improved digestion (IBS, constipation, acne, and dandruff)

• Improved sleep at night (insomnia, frequent travelers, Shaadi goers, and jet lag)

• Improved recovery (from workouts, illnesses)

• Improved fat loss (because of all the factors above).

How to take a nap

For all these benefits you have to do it the right way. And there is a name for the right way of doing it – it's called Vamakukshi.

Here are the steps

When - right after lunch
How - lie down in the fetal position on your left side (Vamakukshi)
Length - 10 - 30 mins nap (about 90 mins for the very young, the very old, the very sick)
Ideal time – between 1-3 pm

Different ways to rest post-lunch based on where you are -

- If at home, lie down on the bed
- If at work, just put your head down on the desk and rest (tell your HR it increases productivity).
- Alternatively, you can doze off on an easy chair, and if you cannot do that either.

just go to a window and look far away, stare in space, and allow your mind to unwind.

Not to do -

• Nap between 4-7pm
Have stimulants like tea, coffee, cigarettes, chocolate post-lunch
• Get on the phone and surf and excite your senses
• Sleep beyond 30 mins at one time
• Sleep with the TV on.

So, from this week, let’s make afternoon naps great again.