13 Day Astronaut Diet boost weight loss : plan | menu | food

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13 Day Astronaut Diet boost weight loss 

Plan | Menu | Food 

About Astronaut Diet :

The Astronaut Diet, as the name suggests, was rumoured to be formulated by NASA nutritionists, so that people travelling to the moon, were able to get their full dose of nutrients, and didn't face any stomach issues which crop up due to unhealthy eating habits.

It's gaining traction as an effective weight loss tool, because it focuses on eating foods that are digested easily and limits the calorie intake of a person to just 500 cals, approximately.  

How does this diet work :

The logic behind the diet seems to be the same as most other high-protein diets -- to not lose muscle mass while attempting to shed extra kilos. here is Weight loss science.

Only here, you take it one step forward and cut out ALL kinds of fats and simple carbs from your diet for a brief period of time, for quicker, short-term results. 

Rules of Diet :

Short-term diets like these usually help you shed your water-weight, which is why the body needs at least two litres of water (even more, depending on your weight) to avoid dehydration. 

you need to support this with an overall healthy lifestyle that involves adequate sleep, physical activity, and regular consumption of probiotics which will accelerate your results, and make it easier to keep up with this diet for 13 days. 

Drinking soothing teas like peppermint, chamomile, and ginger will also go a long way in promoting a healthier stomach.

The  13-day astronauts diet can help you  accelerate your metabolism and slim down  in no time at all and don't worry there's no need to fly off into space.

In this diet just follow  these instructions and you'll soon start  feeling as light as you would in zero  gravity let's start off by being frank.

Real astronauts don't actually use this  diet it gets its name from the fact that  only those with an astronauts restraint  and self-discipline.

You have  to give up a lot of foods when you're on  it the astronauts diet is pretty strict  and consists almost entirely of protein rich products fiber and carbohydrates.

however are significantly reduced  you'll also need to cut your daily  calorie intake way down how many  calories you should consume depends on  several factors such as your gender age  and lifestyle.

Calorie Calculator : How Many Calories Should You Eat per Day ?

The average  man and not looking to lose weight  should consume 2,500 calories a day.
while 2,000 calories will allow him to  lose one pound every week.

Average woman she  needs to eat 2,000 calories a day to  keep her weight stable and 1,500  calories if she wants to lose a pound a  week.

You can click below link to calorie calculators to figure out the  number of calories recommended.

Astronaut diet program

You'll be consuming this diet  contributes to rapid weight loss without harming your muscles.

Protein is  extremely important for your body it  repairs and maintains your muscles skin  hair and even bone tissues.

It provides  proper communication between your body's  organs and cells and some types of  protein serve as a sort of means of  transport to deliver important molecules.

Example it brings oxygen  to the cells of your body foods to avoid  as with most diets there are several  nono foods you should be aware of

If you decide to follow the astronauts diet to  try to avoid consuming the following  products sodas and fruit juices

Avoid consuming the following  products

  • Sodas and fruit juices

They  contain a whopping amount of sugar  alcohol  it also contains sugar and it's full of  empty calories.

  • Salt and sugar 

At this point it's pretty obvious that  you need to cut way down on the sugar as for salt it makes your body store water  which adds several extra pounds to your  weight.

  • Starchy vegetables

Like potatoes  beets parsnips and carrots while some of  them are really healthy and good for you
they're too high in calories sugar and  fats

  • Rice and pasta 

They contain way too many carbs bread  and cereals again loaded with carbs.

  • Smoked meat products

These foods can  actually cause a lot of harm to your  health so you really shouldn't eat them  at all 

Foods to eat

More of always eat fish  instead of beef and eggs instead of ham  be sure to throw in more of the  following products as well

Mushrooms, fish and chicken tomatoes and  cucumbers lettuce and cabbage broccoli  cauliflower and green beans pumpkin cheese and tofu

Vegan milk like  almond rice or soy varieties and other  products that aren't on the black list 

What should avoid ?

cooking oil, butter, or foods with Sugar like cakes, cookies, et al. Breads, cereals, alcohol, starchy veggies like potatoes, carrots, and rice.

What is allowed ?

low-carb and high-protein foods like mushrooms, eggs, fish, and water-loaded veggies like cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, salads, pumpkin, cheese, soy milk. 

Negative Calories food list are mostly low-calorie fruits and vegetables such as celery, grapefruit, lemon, lime, apple, lettuce, broccoli, and cabbage.

Astronaut Diet Plan | Program

If you're not sure where to  start here's a one day meal plan you can  use as an example

  • Breakfast 

Boiled or poached eggs and 1  cup of coffee without cream or sugar
Some tuna grilled egg plant and 1 cup of  tea or black coffee without sugar
An omelet with cheese and tea

  • Lunch and Dinner 

Half a medium-sized chicken with 2 cups  of the broth it cooked in a salad with  tomatoes and mushrooms and a glass of  soy milk.

Baked  fish pickled cabbage and black coffee or  green tea or tomato soup egg salad
Coffee / tea / soy milk to drink snack one cup of orange juice or  green tea.

Grilled chicken with pumpkin and green beans and  a glass of rice milk or dried fish with  broccoli and cauliflower.

A glass of  soy milk or a glass of almond milk, fish  and five ounces of tofu or cottage cheese.

If you don't like fish  have chicken instead swap coffee for green tea. Just hold the sugar and have an orange instead of an apple. You can always  choose any vegan milk of your liking.

How to get rid of stomach issues ?

If you  suffer from digestive problems, you should know that they can usually be  eliminated.

If you make some lifestyle  changes and the astronaut's diet can help you out with this problem as well  the most important thing to do is to  reduce or cut entirely your consumption.
like simple carbohydrates, sugar, pasta, white bread, fruit juice, alcohol etc.

When the digestive system  is out of balance high glycemic carbs  and sugar tend to ferment in the colon. This in turn can cause uncomfortable  bloating and gas .

Recommendations of NASA diet menu :

Replacing simple carbs with  complex but this type of  carbohydrates isn't for everybody find it  hard to completely digest complex carbs, if they're digested only partially this can lead to some unpleasant results.

Yeast and bacteria growing in the gut this then throws the pH level of  the digestive tract out of balance and can lead to chronic discomfort allergies,  irritation and inflammation.

If you have any of these symptoms it's probably  a good idea to exclude complex carbs  from your diet and see if that helps or not.

If  you combine a high-protein diet like the  astronaut diet with other diet tips you  can even get rid of irritable bowel  syndrome.

Try to keep in mind to the  following and stay hydrated throughout the day.  avoid fried spicy and fatty foods, sweeteners tea, carbonated beverages and alcohol, don't smoke and  eat  more prunes.

get enough sleep and  try  drinking soothing tea like chamomile mint or ginger.

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